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Criminal defense: 2 in California suspected of attempted murder

Often, people in California find themselves in predicaments in which they do not know how to respond. For example, when involved in a confrontation with strangers, a person could ultimately begin to fear for his or her safety, prompting the individual to react in a way that would safeguard personal safety. Unfortunately, the events leading up to an alleged stabbing are unclear. Nevertheless, two men are likely considering their criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Stabbing leads to multiple charges

People often act in ways that are mysterious. As part of an investigation involving allegations of criminal behavior, police must work to determine a motivation for alleged acts. This motivation, or lack thereof, could be part of a criminal defense. A young man in California is now likely considering how to respond after several criminal charges were filed against him.

Criminal defense: California officer accused of assault

Police officers have difficult jobs. They are often required to interact with and arrest people who are behaving irrationally and unpredictably due to drugs and alcohol. However, the recent attention on police interactions with people suspected of a crime could potentially mean that authorities are hypersensitive to potential claims of police brutality. For example, a police officer in California is likely considering his criminal defense after he was arrested for assault following the arrest of a man accused of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Criminal defense: California man accused of animal abuse

For most people in California, the death of a pet is a devastating loss. In some cases, the loss felt may be similar to that experienced upon the death of a human family member. As a result, some people may not always respond to the death in a way considered rational. However, police officers claim that a man left his dog to die on the side of the road, leaving the man now likely considering his criminal defense.

Is it okay to film police during a traffic stop?

With controversial interactions between police and suspected criminals leading to tragic results over the past few years, the question of whether police officers should use body cameras has gained a great deal of traction in Southern California and across the United States. Despite the debate over whether this should be required, the proliferation of camera based smartphones has enabled citizens to film police officers as they interact with the public.

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