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Police suspect drunk driving in California crash

It is easy to become confused when driving on California roadways. A simple wrong turn could potentially cause someone to drive the wrong way on a freeway, for example. Despite the potential for a mistake such as this, police often automatically assume that car accidents that happen at a certain time of day are the result of drunk driving.

Unfortunately, such appears to be the case following a recent crash. A California police officer claims that he noticed a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction. According to the officer, the car was traveling approximately 100 mph at the time. The car is said to have struck another vehicle head-on.

Criminal defense: California man charged with murder

Relationships between married people vary from couple to couple. While some couples in California may never fight, others may be more volatile. Despite this volatility, violence is relatively rare. However, a man in California is likely considering his criminal defense after police accused him of murdering his wife.

The incident that led to his arrest happened one morning on a day in early January. Police reports claim that a 44-year-old man called his brother and informed him that he had killed his wife. When an officer arrived at the scene, he claims that the man was attempting to leave the home, carrying a weapon and ammunition that matched casings discovered at the scene.

Drug charges can prove daunting, but may be overcome

An arrest on drug charges can produce serious consequences. It may lead down the road toward a plea bargain, probation, conviction, restitution, and jail or prison sentences. And it also would likely affect your family, livelihood and career.

But charges stemming from an arrest also may be dismissed, depending on circumstances.

5 tips for a safer frat party experience

The headlines haven’t always been kind to fraternity houses. And realistically, rightly so. The abuses have been nearly infamous and dangerous to both members and guests of the frat house parties. “10 Arrested in Death of L.S.U. Student After Fraternity Drinking Ritual,” the headline reads. “Second frat member arrested on drug charges,” another reads. “Police investigating at fraternity after death of Fresno State student,” another headline states from a 2018 news story.

As a parent of a college student involved in fraternity and sorority life, you have to fear for the safety of your child. But there’s also the reverse of that as well. What about the legal and civil consequences of your child’s role in a fraternity event? Fraternity behavior that results in alcohol-related deaths, assaults and hazing-related injuries or deaths are often involved in litigation.

Criminal defense: Man charged in alleged hit-and-run

Many people in California may not know how to react following an accident. While the obvious choice to many is to contact police, others may react in an unexpected manner due to a sense of panic. Unfortunately, police have accused a young man from another country of fleeing the scene of a car accident involving a pedestrian. He is likely considering his criminal defense.

The incident that led to the 21-year-old man's arrest reportedly happened on a day in December. Police claim that he struck a 40-year-old female pedestrian near the tourist attraction known as "Candy Cane Lane" due to Christmas decorations that residents utilize. Unfortunately, police say he left the scene of the accident. The woman is hospitalized and in grave condition, according to some reports.

Drunk driving suspected in California SUV crash

It is often easy for people, including law enforcement officers, to jump to conclusions about an accident that happens at a certain time of day, such as during the early morning hours. However, accidents can happen for a variety of different reasons, including lack of familiarity with an area or fatigue, at any time of day. Regardless, police in California suspect that a recent crash may have been the result of drunk driving.

The crash happened at approximately 2 a.m. on a day in December. According to reports, a sports utility vehicle driven by a 26-year-old man sideswiped vehicles that were parked on the street. The SUV then struck a tree and streetlight before hitting a house.

Drunk driving suspected following fatal California crash

A car accident can happen at any time for a variety of different reasons. Factors such as lack of visibility or unexpected road conditions, among many others, could potentially increase the chance of a crash. Unfortunately, a man in California has recently been accused of drunk driving following a crash that resulted in two deaths.

The incident happened during the early morning hours of a day in December. According to reports, one of the victims was a contractor for a newspaper and was apparently delivering papers at the time of the accident. Reports indicate that the vehicle containing the two victims may have been traveling at a slow speed at the time of the accident.

Criminal defense: Arrest follows alleged California burglary

During a time of a state of emergency in California, there may be situations that arise that are unexpected. For example, a family may ask someone to come check on their house -- someone who may be unknown to neighbors or others connected to the home. Unfortunately, police believe that a woman's presence in a home reportedly impacted by recent wildfires in the state was behaving criminally. She is likely planning her criminal defense following her arrest.

The incident that led to her arrest reportedly happened in the afternoon of a day in December. Reports indicate that police received a call about a potential burglary. The house was reportedly listed for sale, and a man who claims he is a real estate agent reported that there was someone in the home.

California criminal defense: Dead deer results in criminal charge

Many hunters across the country decide to hunt deer in order to feed their families. Their decision also has the possibility of helping keep the deer population from becoming unmanageable. Unfortunately, a man's alleged decision to shoot a deer in California has likely left the man considering his criminal defense.

The incident that led to the man's arrest happened in mid-September. According to reports, the man filed a report with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife days after the incident happened -- a report that officials now claim contained false information. The man told a news station that he shot the deer with a bow and arrow in a forest. However, he states that the deer did not die but instead wandered into a residential area where he says he took measures to end the animal's suffering.

Should police be able to track your cellphone without a warrant?

Police tracking is nothing new. Police officers often follow suspects or check on their alibi. On the other hand, searching a suspect’s home or their person requires a court-approved search warrant. However, developing cell phone technology has given law enforcement another route to track individuals.

Cell phone towers can essentially track phone users at all times, day and night. This information can be obtained by law enforcement without permission under the Stored Communications Act. Police officers can sift through months of text and call data, using any of that information against defendants in criminal cases. Prosecutors could use phone tracking to affirm the defendant’s location during the time the crime was supposedly committed.

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