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August 2017 Archives

CHP: Drunk driving a factor in fatal California crash

Car accidents can happen at any time in just about any location. Often, they are the result of a simple mistake, such as miscalculating a turn. Some drivers may be distracted by passengers in the car or an attempt to adjust the radio station or temperature of the vehicle. Regardless, when an accident occurs at a certain time of day, it is easy for police officers to make assumptions about drunk driving.

Basketball player Zach Randolph faces drug charges in California

Many people would argue that it is a volatile time in this country. While some groups are fighting to protect their rights, others claim that there is no violation of the formers' rights requiring protest. As a result, tensions are high. Unfortunately, an incident involving a group of people in a housing project in California -- deemed a "mob" by responding police officers -- has recently led to the arrest of NBA player Zach Randolph. He now faces drug charges.

Drunk driving suspected in fatal California crash

When lives are lost in car accidents, especially young lives, the desire to fully understand the reason for a crash is understandable. Unfortunately, making assumptions early in an investigation may lead to false accusations against those involved. For example, police believe that a recent fatal crash in California was the result of drunk driving after finding an empty beer can in one of the vehicles involved.

Bus driver charged with vehicular manslaughter after fatal crash

People who drive commercial vehicles such as busses likely know of their responsibility to both people they are transporting as well as those they may encounter while driving. While an accident involving a bus deserves a thorough investigation, they are not always the result of a crime. Unfortunately, a bus driver is now accused of vehicular manslaughter after a fatal crash in California.

Why you should always have an attorney on speed dial

Sarah was on her way home from the mall, when she noticed the police car behind her. She kept checking her rearview mirror for several blocks. Finally, just as she turned off the main road, the patrol car lit up and signaled for her to pull over. The officer started asking Sara questions regarding her purchases—had she paid with cash? Did she have a receipt? Would she mind if he searched her car?

2 in California face drug charges after suspicion

People in California go to public parks for a variety of different reasons. Without proper context, anyone could observe a random stranger and wonder about the motivation behind their actions. However, if a police officer observes someone doing something he or she deems unusual -- even if not criminal -- the person could face an investigation. Unfortunately, two people now face drug charges after police officers observed them in a park.

Is it okay to film police during a traffic stop?

With controversial interactions between police and suspected criminals leading to tragic results over the past few years, the question of whether police officers should use body cameras has gained a great deal of traction in Southern California and across the United States. Despite the debate over whether this should be required, the proliferation of camera based smartphones has enabled citizens to film police officers as they interact with the public.

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