People who drive commercial vehicles such as busses likely know of their responsibility to both people they are transporting as well as those they may encounter while driving. While an accident involving a bus deserves a thorough investigation, they are not always the result of a crime. Unfortunately, a bus driver is now accused of vehicular manslaughter after a fatal crash in California.

The incident happened approximately a year ago. Reports indicate that a bus carrying 26 passengers struck a large sign. The force of the impact allegedly cut the bus down the middle. Four people died in the accident, and several others suffered severe injuries, including injuries that required amputations.

Investigators claim that cellphone records indicate the 58-year-old driver had been using his phone while driving; however, he was not using the phone at the time of the accident. They also claim that although driver logs indicate that he had slept over 6 hours the day before, cellphone records allegedly contradict this claim. In addition to four counts of vehicular manslaughter, he is also accused of misdemeanors related to vehicle code violations as a result of accusations that he falsified driving logs, kept inaccurate records and exceeded maximum driving times.

A conviction of the vehicular manslaughter and other charges stemming from this California accident would likely have serious consequences. Without legal training, the man likely feels unprepared to properly respond to the charges. Fortunately, there are legal professionals who can help the man fully understand all elements of the case and choose the most appropriate path to respond to the charges.

Source:, “Driver charged in California bus wreck that killed 4 people enroute to Pasco“, Aug. 1, 2017