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September 2017 Archives

California fiery crash results in vehicular manslaughter charge

Because police officers are tasked with enforcing the law, they are often held to a higher standard than the typical citizen. Often, when an officer in California is suspected of committing a crime, he or she may face additional scrutiny as the police force that employed him or her attempts to quickly distance itself. Unfortunately, an officer in California now faces multiple criminal charges, including vehicular manslaughter, following a fatal crash.

Criminal defense: California man accused of animal abuse

For most people in California, the death of a pet is a devastating loss. In some cases, the loss felt may be similar to that experienced upon the death of a human family member. As a result, some people may not always respond to the death in a way considered rational. However, police officers claim that a man left his dog to die on the side of the road, leaving the man now likely considering his criminal defense.

California pedestrian injured; Driver accused of drunk driving

Driving at night already has additional challenges due to decreased visibility. Because of that, any unexpected obstacles in the roadway may make it difficult to appropriately and adequately react. For example, drivers may fail to notice a pedestrian in travel lanes of a highway in time to maneuver around due to poor lighting. Unfortunately, a man in California is now accused of drunk driving after he allegedly struck a pedestrian.

California teacher faces drug charges

Most people in California who work as a teacher likely know of the work and dedication it requires to successfully complete the job requirements. Many teachers also struggle financially as much as of their incomes go back into their classrooms. Unfortunately, police believe that one teacher was selling drugs, resulting in her arrest on drug charges.

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