Most people in California who work as a teacher likely know of the work and dedication it requires to successfully complete the job requirements. Many teachers also struggle financially as much as of their incomes go back into their classrooms. Unfortunately, police believe that one teacher was selling drugs, resulting in her arrest on drug charges.

The case involves a 36-year-old woman who served as a elementary school teacher and a tutor. Although it is unclear what made police suspect her of illegal activity, reports indicate that they believed she was selling heroin. As a result, a search of her home was conducted in early August.

During that search, detectives claim they discovered methadone and an identification card that was not hers. She was not arrested at that time. However, police say they discovered additional evidence during the course of their investigation that led them to believe she was selling drugs. She was then arrested and now faces multiple charges. An officer claims that he found three baggies of what he suspected to be heroin hidden on her during booking.

Many details about the case against the woman are unclear, including what evidence supports the accusations against her. In order to convict someone of criminal charges, prosecutors must provide sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt — a burden that is often difficult to meet. To help the woman respond to the drug charges and other criminal accusations, she may choose to seek help from a criminal defense attorney in California who has experience with such cases. Such a professional can ensure that she is prepared to make informed decisions about her situation.

Source:, “VIDEO: Vallejo private elementary school teacher accused of dealing heroin, methadone“, Vince Cestone, Aug. 28, 2017