For most people in California, the death of a pet is a devastating loss. In some cases, the loss felt may be similar to that experienced upon the death of a human family member. As a result, some people may not always respond to the death in a way considered rational. However, police officers claim that a man left his dog to die on the side of the road, leaving the man now likely considering his criminal defense.

The police department received a call about a dead dog on the shoulder of a Colorado highway at approximately 8 a.m. on a day in mid-September. According to reports, the dog was tied to some sort of hand cart with what is described as a “homemade leash.”  An animal control officer says that the dog suffered no obvious signs of trauma — a claim that was later confirmed by an exam performed by a veterinary.

Another officer in the department was able to identify the dog and its owner. The officer claims that, several weeks prior to the discovery of the deceased dog, it attacked his police service dog when the officer attempted to arrest the 40-year-old owner. The man is now facing charges of being under the influence of a controlled substance and felony animal abuse.

As there was no sign of physical trauma, the suspected role the man played in the animal’s death is unclear. However, he is is likely wondering what his options are regarding his response to the accusations against him. An experienced criminal defense attorney in California can help him fully understand the process he is facing and help him make informed decisions about the direction his case will follow.

Source:, “Police arrest man who left dog to die along highway“, Sept. 12, 2017