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November 2017 Archives

California man suspected of vehicular manslaughter

Accidents happen every day in California. While many of them are caused by a simple moment of inattention, police often look for more nefarious causes of accidents. Unfortunately, a man has recently been arrested in California, suspected of vehicular manslaughter, following a recent fatal crash.

Drug charges in California after resident accused of break-in

Police across the country are tasked with a difficult job. As part of the job responsibilities, they are often asked to respond to concerns that often prove to be unfounded. Unfortunately, a recent report of a suspected break-in has recently resulted in criminal accusations in California, including weapon and drug charges.

California teenager charged with vehicular manslaughter

It is sometimes horrifying to realize how quickly a fatal car accident can occur. Something as simple as the few seconds it takes to change a radio station is all the time it takes for such an event to occur. Unfortunately, police in California may be quick to believe that an accident is the result of a driver who is under the influence of alcohol even before there is evidence to support such accusations. In fact, a teenager is now accused of vehicular manslaughter, among other crimes, following a recent crash.

Criminal defense: 2 in California suspected of attempted murder

Often, people in California find themselves in predicaments in which they do not know how to respond. For example, when involved in a confrontation with strangers, a person could ultimately begin to fear for his or her safety, prompting the individual to react in a way that would safeguard personal safety. Unfortunately, the events leading up to an alleged stabbing are unclear. Nevertheless, two men are likely considering their criminal defense.

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