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December 2017 Archives

Drunk driving suspected in California SUV crash

It is often easy for people, including law enforcement officers, to jump to conclusions about an accident that happens at a certain time of day, such as during the early morning hours. However, accidents can happen for a variety of different reasons, including lack of familiarity with an area or fatigue, at any time of day. Regardless, police in California suspect that a recent crash may have been the result of drunk driving.

Drunk driving suspected following fatal California crash

A car accident can happen at any time for a variety of different reasons. Factors such as lack of visibility or unexpected road conditions, among many others, could potentially increase the chance of a crash. Unfortunately, a man in California has recently been accused of drunk driving following a crash that resulted in two deaths.

Criminal defense: Arrest follows alleged California burglary

During a time of a state of emergency in California, there may be situations that arise that are unexpected. For example, a family may ask someone to come check on their house -- someone who may be unknown to neighbors or others connected to the home. Unfortunately, police believe that a woman's presence in a home reportedly impacted by recent wildfires in the state was behaving criminally. She is likely planning her criminal defense following her arrest.

California criminal defense: Dead deer results in criminal charge

Many hunters across the country decide to hunt deer in order to feed their families. Their decision also has the possibility of helping keep the deer population from becoming unmanageable. Unfortunately, a man's alleged decision to shoot a deer in California has likely left the man considering his criminal defense.

Should police be able to track your cellphone without a warrant?

Police tracking is nothing new. Police officers often follow suspects or check on their alibi. On the other hand, searching a suspect’s home or their person requires a court-approved search warrant. However, developing cell phone technology has given law enforcement another route to track individuals.

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