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January 2018 Archives

Criminal defense: Man charged in California murder case

When a person is murdered, the community in general is often desperate for answers and reassurance that a continuing threat does not exist. In turn, police and other officials are often just as desperate to provide answers, even if it means they must rush to make a judgment. Unfortunately, a young man in California is now left to contemplate his criminal defense after he was charged with murder following the death of a former high school classmate.

Scientists recommend lowering the BAC threshold

Alcohol-related accidents kill and injure thousands of Americans every year. Many people believe that the problem will solve itself once self-driving cars hit the roads, but that could be years from now. In the meantime, scientists and engineers are working to come up with ideas on how to reduce the number of impaired drivers on the roads.

Police suspect drunk driving in California crash

It is easy to become confused when driving on California roadways. A simple wrong turn could potentially cause someone to drive the wrong way on a freeway, for example. Despite the potential for a mistake such as this, police often automatically assume that car accidents that happen at a certain time of day are the result of drunk driving.

Criminal defense: California man charged with murder

Relationships between married people vary from couple to couple. While some couples in California may never fight, others may be more volatile. Despite this volatility, violence is relatively rare. However, a man in California is likely considering his criminal defense after police accused him of murdering his wife.

5 tips for a safer frat party experience

The headlines haven’t always been kind to fraternity houses. And realistically, rightly so. The abuses have been nearly infamous and dangerous to both members and guests of the frat house parties. “10 Arrested in Death of L.S.U. Student After Fraternity Drinking Ritual,” the headline reads. “Second frat member arrested on drug charges,” another reads. “Police investigating at fraternity after death of Fresno State student,” another headline states from a 2018 news story.

Criminal defense: Man charged in alleged hit-and-run

Many people in California may not know how to react following an accident. While the obvious choice to many is to contact police, others may react in an unexpected manner due to a sense of panic. Unfortunately, police have accused a young man from another country of fleeing the scene of a car accident involving a pedestrian. He is likely considering his criminal defense.

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