Relationships between married people vary from couple to couple. While some couples in California may never fight, others may be more volatile. Despite this volatility, violence is relatively rare. However, a man in California is likely considering his criminal defense after police accused him of murdering his wife.

The incident that led to his arrest happened one morning on a day in early January. Police reports claim that a 44-year-old man called his brother and informed him that he had killed his wife. When an officer arrived at the scene, he claims that the man was attempting to leave the home, carrying a weapon and ammunition that matched casings discovered at the scene.

The officer claims that the woman was shot at least three times. Unfortunately, she died at the scene. Her husband has since been arrested, charged with murder. Although prosecutors claim that approximately a pound of suspected cocaine was found in his possession, they have opted not to file drug charges.

Of course, there is always more than one side to a story. Even with the details provided in media reports, there are still many missing, including a possible motive. It is often easy to forget that all people suspected of a crime are presumed innocent unless sufficient evidence is provided that proves otherwise in court. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help those accused of a crime in California examine the evidence against them in addition to ensuring that they are treated lawfully and that proper action is taken if unlawful treatment is suspected.

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