It is easy to become confused when driving on California roadways. A simple wrong turn could potentially cause someone to drive the wrong way on a freeway, for example. Despite the potential for a mistake such as this, police often automatically assume that car accidents that happen at a certain time of day are the result of drunk driving.

Unfortunately, such appears to be the case following a recent crash. A California police officer claims that he noticed a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction. According to the officer, the car was traveling approximately 100 mph at the time. The car is said to have struck another vehicle head-on.

The driver of the second vehicle reportedly died as a result of injuries suffered in the collision. The driver of the first vehicle as well as the female passenger in the second are said to have suffered serious injuries and were transported to the hospital. Although reports indicate that police suspect drunk driving may have been a factor in the crash, it is unclear what led them to this suspicion.

The need for answers following a fatal car crash is understandable. However, accurate answers often only come after a thorough investigation is completed. Regardless of what police suspect may have happened, a person is Presumed innocent unless and until proved otherwise. To help fully understand all elements of their cases as well as their options, those accused of drunk driving and other crimes in California often seek advice from a legal professional with experience with such cases.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “Suspected DUI Driver Going 100 MPH Wrong Way on Tustin Freeway Kills Innocent Driver“, Jan. 5, 2018