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February 2018 Archives

Criminal defense: California aide accused of embezzlement

Many children are involved with organizations that ultimately have a significant impact on their childhood. As such, they may opt to give back to that organization as an adult, either through donating their money or their time. Unfortunately, a man in California who was working with a Cub Scout group is now likely considering his criminal defense.

Federal drug charges filed against 2 men in Florida

Two men who were recently arrested in California are likely focused on their defense options. The fact that they are facing federal drug charges does not make them guilty. They will each be entitled to a fair trial in a federal court. Only if, and when, their guilt is proved beyond a reasonable doubt can convictions take place.

Drunk driving charge after California luxury vehicle crash

News stories involving car crashes are often of interest in the local area. However, when an accident involves an expensive luxury vehicle, the incident is often of interest internationally. Such appears to be the case following a crash in California that left the driver of a Lamborghini, valued at over $200,000, accused of drunk driving.

Vehicular manslaughter charge filed in California teen's death

There are many challenges that face drivers in California. Under certain conditions -- such as at night -- reduced visibility can make it even more difficult to safely maneuver roadways. This, in combination with pedestrians on or near a road, can have disastrous consequences for even the safest of drivers. Unfortunately, a man has been charged with vehicular manslaughter following an accident that left a teen dead.

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