Two men who were recently arrested in California are likely focused on their defense options. The fact that they are facing federal drug charges does not make them guilty. They will each be entitled to a fair trial in a federal court. Only if, and when, their guilt is proved beyond a reasonable doubt can convictions take place.

Court documents indicate that an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement investigation that was conducted by Homeland Security Investigations was initiated on Jan. 26. By putting a tracking device on a suspect’s car, federal agents could track the movements of that man as he traveled to Kings County and back to Contra Costa County. However, the attempted interception by investigators failed when the suspect allegedly raced away.

Reportedly, the speeding car was later pulled over by a deputy, and a purported consent to search the vehicle is said to have yielded more than 2 pounds of cocaine — resulting in the man’s arrest. Then, on the following day, the FBI maintained surveillance of the Contra Costa home and say they saw the other suspect leaving the property and carrying a large suitcase. He was pulled over by agents, and a search by a drug-sniffing dog allegedly yielded significant amounts of heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana. This resulted in the arrest of the second suspect.

The war on drugs in California is intense, and any individuals who are facing drug charges might be wise to secure the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney at the very first opportunity. A lawyer can focus on safeguarding the legal rights of any person who is accused of drug crimes. The accused has every right to contest the formal accusations, and the lawyer can assist in doing so by addressing legal and factual issues before the court and arguing for the best interests of the client.

Source:, “Two arrested after ICE drug trafficking investigation in Bay Point“, Nate Gartrell, Feb. 2, 2018