The unexpected death of a young person who seems to have had a long life to look forward to is always a tragedy. The desire for answers following such a loss is completely understandable. However, in many cases, authorities, surviving loved ones and members of the community want more than just answers; in some cases, they also want someone to blame. In fact, a California man faces drug charges following the death of a Marine.

The incident that led to the arrest happened in Jan. 2017. Reports indicate that an unnamed Marine was discovered — unresponsive — in his room. Officials claim that he was found close to a computer chair and was wearing headphones, leading them to believe that he had been playing video games. An autopsy revealed that the Marine died as a result of fentanyl toxicity.

Reports further indicate that a pill, a powdery substance and a rolled dollar bill was tested, and the results indicated that fentanyl was present. An investigation reportedly led officials to the the 25-year-old man who now faces charges. According to reports, he met the Marine in Nov. 2017 and sold him drugs for the three months prior to the man’s death. He has since been arrested, charged with possessing for distribution thousands of fentanyl pills.

Many details regarding the case are unclear, including how officials connected the defendant with the deceased man. Because it is easy to forget that those accused of a crime are presumed innocent until and unless sufficient evidence is provided to prove otherwise, defendants are often worried about their treatment as they navigate the criminal justice system. Fortunately, there are professionals with experience with cases involving drug charges in California who can ensure they are treated lawfully and take appropriate action if unlawful treatment occurs.

Source:, “Alleged drug dealer charged in Camp Pendleton Marine’s overdose death“, Allison Horn, March 4, 2018