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April 2018 Archives

California man arrested, suspected of vehicular manslaughter

Any number of hazards that can make driving more difficult. For example, when driving at night, visibility may be reduced. Unfortunately, police in California say that a pedestrian was recently killed in a crash. The man police believe was driving the vehicle that allegedly struck the woman is suspected of vehicular manslaughter, among other crimes.

Driver in California crash suspected of vehicular manslaughter

Motor vehicles serve an important function in the society of the United States. While they are a necessity to many households, their use carries several hazards. A simple miscalculation, for example, could ultimately result in a serious accident. Unfortunately, a recent crash in California has resulted in allegations of vehicular manslaughter.

Feds reverse course on marijuana enforcement

Marijuana laws have grown increasingly unclear, starting with medicinal marijuana in the state and now with the legalization of recreational use in California. As both medicinal and recreational laws have been modified at the state level, marijuana remains a federally controlled substance.

California woman accused of vehicular manslaughter in fiery crash

The unexpected loss of a young life is always a tragedy and often results in a demand for answers and justice, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the incident. Unfortunately, three people recently lost their lives in a fiery crash in California. A woman was arrested in the aftermath of the crash, suspected of vehicular manslaughter.

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