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May 2018 Archives

Fatal California accidents leads to vehicular manslaughter claim

Accidents can happen at any moment. Because of this, there are certain safety features of vehicles, such as seat belts, that can protect drivers and passengers. Unfortunately, three people recently lost their lives in a car accident in California, prompting accusations of vehicular manslaughter.

Criminal defense: Man charged in girlfriend's death

Accusations of domestic violence in California are serious. However, it is often difficult for investigators to determine the truth of a situation when there are no witnesses involved. Unfortunately, a man now finds himself creating a criminal defense after he was charged with the death of his girlfriend.

Vehicular manslaughter charge follows California crash

Every time people get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, they accept that they could potentially be involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, an accident in California can happen so quickly that many drivers are unable to respond in time to attempt to prevent it. In fact, a recent crash has resulted in a fatality and accusations of vehicular manslaughter.

Criminal defense: California woman charged with attempted murder

When confronted with an authority figure, many people in California simply do not know how to respond. For some, it may be second nature to comply, but others could react in surprising ways due to anxiety, for example. Unfortunately, a woman is now facing accusations of attempted murder and is likely considering her criminal defense, following a recent encounter with a police officer.

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