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June 2018 Archives

Vehicular manslaughter charge filed against California teen

All drivers in California have likely experienced a situation where their vehicle has drifted off the side of the road briefly. When something like that occurs, it is easy for drivers to panic, causing them to overreact. Unfortunately, a teenager now faces a charge of vehicular manslaughter after he allegedly overcorrected, causing an accident.

Man faces drug charges after California traffic stop

Most people in the United States have a general awareness that they have certain rights when it comes to interactions with law enforcement officials. Even though a general statement regarding a person's right to remain silent is provided when a person is taken into custody, there are other rights that those suspected of a crime has, such as the right to decline a search of their vehicle. Unfortunately, a man in California was recently arrested and faces drug charges following a search of his vehicle.

In college and charged with a crime: What do you do next?

You've been having a lot of fun at college, but you had one unlucky night and now you're scared of what happens next. Finding a lawyer is your next step, but what if you don't know where to start? There are plenty of lawyers to choose from. But you don't want to end up with someone who jumps at the chance to take money from naive college kids.

Police charge Vince Vaughn with drunk driving, resisting arrest

Vince Vaughn might be most well known for his roles in popular movies like "Wedding Crashers" or his producing credentials, but he recently made headlines for something off the big screen. California police charged Vaughn with drunk driving and resisting arrest, and he remained in police custody for about three hours. This is his first offense.

California driver charged with vehicular manslaughter

Anyone who has encountered a motorcycle on California roadways likely knows that at times they may be harder to see. Unfortunately, police are currently investigating a crash that left one motorcyclist dead. The other driver involved now faces a charge of vehicular manslaughter.

Arrest made in California murder of three family members

Families can be complicated, especially when one member of the family is disabled, leaving another to serve as caregiver and decision maker. Unfortunately, police say that a mother and stepfather took issue with a woman who was living with their disabled son in California. As a result, police say that the woman killed all three, leaving her facing murder charges.

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