Families can be complicated, especially when one member of the family is disabled, leaving another to serve as caregiver and decision maker. Unfortunately, police say that a mother and stepfather took issue with a woman who was living with their disabled son in California. As a result, police say that the woman killed all three, leaving her facing murder charges.

The bodies of the three victims were discovered one evening on a day in late May. Police believe that a 55-year-old woman had been living with a 65-year-old disabled man. They claim that she was taking advantage of him and was using his kindness to manipulate him.

The man’s 82-year-old mother served as his legal caretaker; police say that the mother and stepfather were aware that the man was being taken advantage of and attempted to evict the woman. As a result, officials apparently believe the woman killed all three. The bodies were discovered with blunt force trauma. The son and his mother had also been shot, according to reports. The defendant was reportedly taken into custody without incident after police say they had sufficient evidence to show that she is the only suspect in the case.

Despite claims by the police officers, it is unclear what evidence supports the idea that the woman is the one person who could have killed the family. Unfortunately, the murder case could potentially carry with it the possibility of the death penalty; California prosecutors are working to determine whether to pursue such an outcome. Despite the allegations made by law enforcement officers, a person is considered innocent until he or she is convicted. Because of the seriousness of the allegations and the severity of the consequences, the woman may decide to seek help as she makes the decisions facing her in the coming days.

Source: Los Angeles, CA Patch, “Woman Charged With Bludgeoning Triple Murder“, May 25, 2018