Anyone who has encountered a motorcycle on California roadways likely knows that at times they may be harder to see. Unfortunately, police are currently investigating a crash that left one motorcyclist dead. The other driver involved now faces a charge of vehicular manslaughter.

The incident reportedly happened one morning on a day in May. According to police reports, a 67-year-old man driving a pickup truck failed to see a motorcyclist as the former attempted a left turn into a parking lot. Though evidence indicates that the motorcyclist tried to avoid a collision, the young man, said to be in his 20s, was unable to do so.

Reports indicate that the motorcyclist was trapped underneath the pickup truck, and witnesses were able to remove him. Unfortunately, he passed away. The other driver involved suffered minor injuries and appeared to be having difficulty breathing. Though reports indicate that a drug recognition expert officer determined that the man was under the influence of cannabis, it is unclear what evidence led him to this conclusion. The driver was arrested after he was treated.

Reports indicate that the victim may have worked in the area; witnesses claim that they have spotted the same motorcycle in the area, traveling at a high rate of speed through intersections. It is unclear if speed may have been a factor. In addition to the charge of vehicular manslaughter, the California driver of the pickup is also charged with felony DUI. Because of the seriousness of the accusations against him, the man may want to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney to review the details of the case, helping him create an appropriate defense.