You’ve been having a lot of fun at college, but you had one unlucky night and now you’re scared of what happens next. Finding a lawyer is your next step, but what if you don’t know where to start? There are plenty of lawyers to choose from. But you don’t want to end up with someone who jumps at the chance to take money from naive college kids.

Here are a few things you should know about finding a lawyer:

There are countless places to search

You can always start by asking people you know and trust such as friends and family. They might not know someone personally, but they may know someone who does. Don’t be afraid to shop around, either. Just because that lawyer worked for your friend or family member doesn’t automatically mean they’ll be right for you.

Research, research, research

It doesn’t matter if the lawyer is recommended by a good friend. It’s crucial you’re confident they can handle your case, because every case is different. Look at what kinds of cases they handle and what experience they have.

Your charges could affect your future so it’s important to find a lawyer who will help you understand how, especially when it comes to your lifestyle and long term goals. Some important questions to ask are:

  • Does this lawyer have experience defending against your charges?
  • Does he or she represent college students regularly?
  • What is his or her success rate with cases likes yours?

Comfort is key

It’s also hard to talk to someone that doesn’t make you feel at ease. You’re going to be talking to the lawyer about sensitive topics so making sure you’re comfortable with the lawyer is key. It’s the only way they’ll be able to properly help and represent you.

You didn’t plan on the court of law being part of your collegiate career. The uncertainty of how everything will play out can be unsettling, because you don’t know how it will affect the rest of your life. That’s why finding the right person for you is key to enabling you to breathe a little easier.