Most people in the United States have a general awareness that they have certain rights when it comes to interactions with law enforcement officials. Even though a general statement regarding a person’s right to remain silent is provided when a person is taken into custody, there are other rights that those suspected of a crime has, such as the right to decline a search of their vehicle. Unfortunately, a man in California was recently arrested and faces drug charges following a search of his vehicle.

The incident that led to the 40-year-old man’s arrest happened on a day in mid-June. His contact with police came about during a traffic stop, though it is unclear what initiated the stop. Police say that the man was unable to provide a driver’s license, claiming that he lost his.

The man apparently — according to police reports — gave police officers permission to search his vehicle. Law enforcement officers allegedly found 13 grams of cocaine in the vehicle as a result of the search. The cocaine is said to be worth $325,000. The man was taken into custody, suspected of transportation of a controlled substance and possession of drugs for sale. Police believe that the man may be part of a drug ring operating between the central United States and southern California, but it is unclear what led them to that suspicion.

Unfortunately, without legal training it may be difficult for those facing suspicion of criminal activity, including drug charges, to fully understand their options, including their right to decline permission to search their vehicle. Fortunately, there are experienced criminal defense attorneys who can help those arrested navigate the justice system. Often, such professionals can give defendants in California more confidence in the decisions that they make.