Vince Vaughn might be most well known for his roles in popular movies like “Wedding Crashers” or his producing credentials, but he recently made headlines for something off the big screen. California police charged Vaughn with drunk driving and resisting arrest, and he remained in police custody for about three hours. This is his first offense.

Area police had established a DUI checkpoint that ran on a recent Saturday night from 8 p.m. until 3 a.m. Sunday morning. Authorities said the checkpoint was to not only look for drivers who were possibly intoxicated, but also unlicensed drivers. They did not disclose how many drunk driving arrests they made.

It is not clear what time Vaughn passed through the checkpoint, but police say they arrested him around 4 in the morning. Although he was arrested for allegedly driving while under the influence and then charged with resisting arrest, details of the incident were not immediately made available. As such, his alleged BAC is still not known.

Even first-time drunk driving offenses are serious, and defendants typically face potential jail time, loss of driving privileges and fines that can total hundreds or thousands of dollars. Even if a person is never convicted, he or she may still lose his or her license for a period of time. This can impact one’s ability to maintain employment or transport his or her children to and from school. For California defendants, early and careful action in response to DUI charges is often essential for minimizing the impact of these allegations.