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July 2018 Archives

Woman charged with vehicular manslaughter in California

It may be difficult to imagine what goes through a person's mind if he or she is involved in a car accident. Often, some people panic and react in a way that may seem contrary to what is typically expected. Unfortunately, police in California have accused a driver of vehicular manslaughter after she allegedly fled from the scene of an accident that is said to have resulted in a fatality.

Top 5 crimes associated with college students

The college years are most often the most memorable years in a person's youth. For better or for worse, events happen and decisions are made that can take a young person's life down a very different path than originally intended. At the same time, parents tend to worry about how college tests their parenting endeavors prior to their first day away from home. It can be a scary time of uncertainty for many parents and youths alike.

California man surrenders following double murder

Workplace dynamics are often interesting. While some people have close knit relationships with their co-workers, others may experience strife and conflict. Regardless, dynamics rarely result in violence. Despite this, police believe that a man in California was involved with the murder of two people with whom he reportedly worked.

California high school track, football coach faces drug charges

In theory, anyone who is charged or suspected of a crime in the United States is treated equally as they navigate through the justice system. Unfortunately, those with certain occupations could face additional scrutiny in the aftermath of charges coming to light. For example, when an educator faces accusations of a crime, it is not unusual for the story of their arrest to make front page news. In fact, the arrest former high school coach on drug charges in California has received a significant amount of media coverage.

Woman accused of drunk driving in California

When faced with an interaction with a law enforcement figure, many people panic. If an officer is attempting a traffic stop, for example, a person may even be unaware that he or she is the subject of the officer's attention. Unfortunately, this could result in accusations of avoiding a traffic stop. A woman in California now faces such allegations following an incident that has left her facing suspicions of drunk driving.

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