Workplace dynamics are often interesting. While some people have close knit relationships with their co-workers, others may experience strife and conflict. Regardless, dynamics rarely result in violence. Despite this, police believe that a man in California was involved with the murder of two people with whom he reportedly worked.

The incident is said to have happened on a night in mid-July. According to reports, there was a shooting at a tattoo parlor that resulted in the death of two men, ages 30 and 35. The men were reportedly employees at the business.

Police were searching for a man in connection to the incident. The 27-year-old reportedly also worked at the tattoo parlor. According to reports, a disturbance preceded the shooting. The man recently turned himself in to officials.

There are many details regarding the incident that are unclear, including what led police to believe the men were victims of murder rather than the product of someone who was in fear of his life and acting in self-defense. Regardless of the charges a person in California may face, he or she is presumed innocent unless sufficient evidence is provided to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Many people believed to have been involved in a crime often want an experienced criminal defense attorney on their side, even during the earliest stages when they are being questioned by authorities. Many people may be unaware of how information voluntarily provided to police may be interpreted, making it especially important to have a professional advising them.