The college years are most often the most memorable years in a person’s youth. For better or for worse, events happen and decisions are made that can take a young person’s life down a very different path than originally intended. At the same time, parents tend to worry about how college tests their parenting endeavors prior to their first day away from home. It can be a scary time of uncertainty for many parents and youths alike.

Unfortunately, the taste of freedom and unrestraint causes many young college students to participate in behavior that lands them in jail. Your son or daughter may be faced with high penalty fees, mandatory jail time, and trouble reentering the academic world. So, what types of crimes are most common among college students?

Here are the top five crimes reported among American college students.

  1. Drug possession (including use and distribution) – Not only does this apply to illegal amounts of marijuana, but also the illegal possession of Adderall and other prescription drugs common among college students. Criminal charges may range in levels of misdemeanors or felonies depending on the circumstance.
  2. DUI – Driving under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance can easily happen after a party or bar meetup when college students misjudge the ability to drive to the next location.
  3. Burglary– Breaking and entering may be due to a prank or have serious criminal intent during the college years. In fact, burglary charges accounted for 45 percent of college crimes in 2015.
  4. Sexual assaultNews stories have covered multiple campus incidents where men and women have been sexually assaulted. It can happen during any number of college parties, sorority or fraternity initiations, and even among professors and students.
  5. Disorderly conduct – Loud music, dorm-room pranks, and loud parties with reckless behavior can trigger a criminal charge of disorderly conduct depending on the specific actions taken.

It is important that parents are aware of the most common crimes committed among college students. It can help you take precaution and action when charges are made against your son or daughter. Making it through college takes patience and maturity to either do the right thing or quickly recover after encountering a setback. It is possible, there is help.