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August 2018 Archives

Drunk driving accusations follow California crash

It seems as if it is becoming increasingly easier to become distracted while driving. Smartphones in addition to new and advanced technology in vehicles can often pull a driver's attention away from the road. Unfortunately, an accident believed to have been caused by intoxication may be an issue of distraction. Regardless, a man in California is now accused of drunk driving following a recent crash.

Marie Avgeropoulos charged with domestic violence in California

Relationships can often be unpredictable. For certain people, they can also prove to be volatile, though this volatility does not necessarily lead to violence. Unfortunately, many conflicts that occur have no witnesses, potentially making it difficult for law enforcement officials to ascertain what actually happened if accusations of a crime are made. In fact, many details regarding the arrest of Marie Avgeropoulos in California on domestic violence charges are unclear.

California driver accused of vehicular manslaughter

Car accidents happen every day in California for a variety of different reasons; some occur for reasons as simple as a slight driver miscalculation. When an accident involves a driver of a certain age and happens at a certain time of day, law enforcement officers may sometimes leap to the conclusion that alcohol was a factor, even if there is little evidence to support such claims. Unfortunately, a driver now faces accusations of vehicular manslaughter, among others, following a recent fatal crash.

Understanding California's Three Strikes Law

The "Three Strikes" statute provides for mandatory minimum imprisonment of 25 years to life if convicted of three felonies that classify as "strikes." Introduced in 1994, its goal is to create a "tough on crime" policy to eliminate recidivism. California's criminal justice system considers repeat offenders difficult to handle because they can be difficult to reform.

Teenager charged with murder in double homicide

The vast majority of teenagers in California spend a great deal of time pondering their future. For most this includes what profession they will pursue after high school and whether and where they will attend college. Unfortunately, the decisions that one teenager faces are much more serious as he was recently arrested and charged with murder.

California cheerleading coach accused of drunk driving

During the summer, many parents send their children to camps. Often, these children attend with trusted educators. For most, these events are relatively uneventful and their coaches, or other responsible adults, ultimately return them safely to their parents. Unfortunately, police in California have accused a cheerleading coach of drunk driving during a cheer camp held on a college campus.

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