The vast majority of teenagers in California spend a great deal of time pondering their future. For most this includes what profession they will pursue after high school and whether and where they will attend college. Unfortunately, the decisions that one teenager faces are much more serious as he was recently arrested and charged with murder.

The 18-year-old was arrested for his alleged role in a shooting that happened on a day in late July. While many of the details of the incident are unclear, police say that he was involved in the shooting deaths of two males, a 28-year-old and a 17-year-old. He also faces charges of attempted murder involving a 13-year-old.

Police have not commented on a concrete motive but state that at least one of the victims was involved in a feud with two men. Because the incident involves multiple murders, the teenager could face the death penalty if convicted of both murders. The district attorney’s office claims that it is currently conducting an investigation and will make an announcement regarding its determination at a later date.

The decisions that this teenager must make in the next weeks and months could literally mean the difference between life and death. Unfortunately, most people in California with no legal training are unprepared to make these decisions. As a result, people who are charged with murder and other crimes often hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure that they are fully equipped to make informed decisions regarding the direction their case will follow.