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September 2018 Archives

California teenager faces vehicular manslaughter charge

When a person is involved in a traffic accident, there is always a moment of panic. For some, their first reaction due to the biological responses of their bodies may be to flee. Unfortunately, a young man in California now faces serious criminal charges, potentially including vehicular manslaughter, after he was allegedly involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident.

California man on electric scooter accused of drunk driving

The desire to keep people under the influence of alcohol and drugs from potentially causing an accident that could result in personal harm or harm to others in the vicinity is understandable. However, in all cases involving criminal accusations, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. One man in California is likely considering his legal options after he was accused of drunk driving while on an electric scooter.

Submitting to a chemical test after multiple DUIs

You make the decision to drive home after drinking with friends. Though your drive proves quick, you commit a minor traffic violation, and an officer pulls you over. As he or she notices signs of intoxication, the officer asks you to consent to a field sobriety test to determine your blood-alcohol level. You know that you have the opportunity to refuse the test, but you worry about the quantity of consequences that may arise if you do not consent to a BPT test, as you already have multiple DUI convictions.

Criminal defense: 3 face charges in California death

Family dynamics are often complex and can be further complicated by members' significant others. Unfortunately, a recent murder in in California has likely left three people considering their criminal defense. One of the people faces a murder charge as a result of the death of his mother's boyfriend.

Fatal California crash results in vehicular manslaughter charge

When an accident happens in California -- especially one that results in a fatality -- there is an understandable need for answers. Unfortunately, some accidents can take a lengthy period of time to properly sort out. Despite this, a woman now faces multiple criminal charges, including vehicular manslaughter, after she was allegedly involved in a fatal accident.

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