The desire to keep people under the influence of alcohol and drugs from potentially causing an accident that could result in personal harm or harm to others in the vicinity is understandable. However, in all cases involving criminal accusations, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. One man in California is likely considering his legal options after he was accused of drunk driving while on an electric scooter.

The man who was charged is 25 years old. Reports indicate that the incident involved a DUI checkpoint. The man reportedly was riding the scooter on a sidewalk at the checkpoint on a weekend in mid-September.

Some reporters speculate that the fact that he was on the sidewalk on a scooter may have been what prompted police to stop him. Because the scooters are motorized, they are reportedly required to be ridden on the road. Police allegedly smelled alcohol and wanted to perform a Breathalyzer, but the man refused. However, reports claim that he failed a field sobriety test.

Despite the drunk driving allegations, it is unclear what behavior led to California police believing that he was under the influence. Field sobriety tests are subjective and could be interpreted differently by different people. Unfortunately, charges associated with such allegations can have serious consequences. As such, defendants may feel unprepared to make the decisions facing them without guidance from a professional with experience with such cases.  Often, such a professional can give those facing such charges confidence as the navigate the criminal justice system.