When suspected of a crime, many people are unsure of where to turn for help. Often, they may think that there is no harm in discussing the allegations against them with police. However, the information provided can often be used in unsuspected ways, potentially resulting in criminal charges and an arrest. In fact, a woman in California was recently arrested, suspected of vehicular manslaughter, after talking with police.

The accident that led to the 55-year-old woman’s arrest happened on a day in late September. Reports indicate that an older tan sports utility vehicle struck a 14-year-old girl as she crossed the street on the way to high school. The victim was transported to the hospital but died later that day. The driver allegedly failed to remain at the scene.

Police say that they were able to identify a suspect with the help of tips from the public. They were able to locate the vehicle allegedly involved in the accident parked nearby where the driver is said to have taken it for repairs. Police say that the woman believed to have been driving the vehicle at the time of the accident voluntarily came in for questioning at the police station and that she was arrested following an interview.

In addition to suspicion of vehicular manslaughter, the California woman is also under investigation for hit-and-run resulting in death. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system can be complicated for those with little or no legal training. In situations such as this, having an experienced criminal defense attorney providing guidance can help from the earliest stages, including initial questioning.