In the aftermath of a disaster, there is often a great deal of confusion. In some circumstances, it may be difficult to determine what actions a person has taken and for what reason. Unfortunately, two men are likely considering their criminal defense following their recent arrests related to events that allegedly occurred after the Camp Fire evacuation in California.

Police claim that officers were patrolling an evacuated area one afternoon on a day in mid-November. According to reports, a utility worker approached them and reported seeing two men looting. Police say they then saw two men, ages 41 and 48, enter a home.

The home reportedly belonged to a relative of the younger man. The owner reportedly left the area as part of the evacuation and is said to have been unaware that his family member was at the residence. Police say that they discovered the two men in a bedroom of the home; they allegedly had a gun, drugs, loaded magazines and drug paraphernalia with them. Officers clam they discovered a rifle and other tools that they believed to have been stolen. The men have since been charged with various weapons and drug charges in addition to possession of a stolen vehicle and entering an evacuated area.

In addition to the charges the California men currently face, the investigation into the property that police claim may have been stolen is ongoing. The men are currently being held on bail. Because of the multiple charges against the men, they may be unsure how to proceed. As such, they may want an experienced criminal defense attorney on their side, helping them make decisions as they navigate the justice system.