Benjamin Macias was recently convicted of three drug charges and felony firearm possession. The Sacramento resident faces up to 40 years in prison and a potential $5 million fine.

Man found with large quantities of cocaine

According to law enforcement authorities, he sold cocaine to an undercover agent four different times. During the fifth sale, officers tried to arrest him and his accomplice, Sergio Ambriz. Macias fled, but was later caught by police officers. He was found with a Ruger 9mm pistol in his glove compartment and more than a pound of cocaine in the vehicle’s trunk. After searching his home, officers also discovered more cocaine, ammunition and a 35-round magazine clip.

Ambriz received four years in prison for drug trafficking. Macias is being held without bail and is scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 8.

Drug trafficking penalties

In California, drug trafficking is considered a serious crime. Trafficking is charged as a felony. The accused faces a jail sentence of three to nine years and a fine of $20,000. Other factors can increase the penalties for drug trafficking charges. These include:

  • Transporting large quantities of a drug
  • Selling drugs to a minor
  • Trafficking drugs near a drug treatment facility

Punishments can go beyond criminal penalties

More than additional jail time and increased fines, a person convicted of drug trafficking may suffer additional penalties. A doctor, nurse, teacher, pharmacist or social worker can lose his or her professional license, if convicted of drug trafficking. An immigrant’s application for citizenship can be denied. If you share custody of your children, you may lose custody after a drug trafficking conviction. Those convicted of drug trafficking also have a felony on their record. That can make finding housing, jobs or even applying for student loans difficult.

If you stand accused of drug trafficking, you may want to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. An attorney can gather evidence and raise reasonable doubt in your case. He or she can also negotiate on your behalf and could get your charges reduced.