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December 2018 Archives

California doctor faces drug charges re overdoses

When a violent crime happens, police may be in a rush to show that they are making progress toward holding someone accountable. Unfortunately, this could mean that a person who was not involved with the crime faces scrutiny. In fact, a doctor who owns an urgent care in California now faces drug charges after others committed crimes.

Man accused of murder in death of California librarian

In order for a person to be convicted of a crime, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Often, this standard is difficult to meet. In fact, even though a man reportedly has a history of problematic behavior regarding libraries and their employees, it is unclear what connects him to the recent murder of a California woman.

Vehicular manslaughter charge following fiery California crash

Car accidents can happen on any day at any time. As a result, drivers know that they must be prepared for changing conditions. However, some changes happen so quickly that it is difficult for drivers to properly respond in time to avoid a collision. Despite this, a man in California now faces a vehicular manslaughter charge after his vehicle allegedly collided with another vehicle.

When does a DUI become a felony in California?

Early in December, California highway patrol officers arrived at the scene of a car-pedestrian collision in Madera, CA. The victim, a 17-year old high school student, was waiting at his bus stop when a speeding minivan appeared to hydroplane- crossing both lanes of traffic before striking the victim who landed over 100 feet away in a nearby orchard. The victim’s family happened to be on scene and could provide immediate assistance. Thankfully the victim survived the crash, although not unscathed. He suffered injuries to his abdomen as well as a broken femur.

Sleeping California driver accused of drunk driving

Advances in technology change the way people perform everyday tasks. For example, self-driving cars can change how people move from place to place. However, police claim that a driver in California was using a self-driving vehicle in a way that is inconsistent with its intent, resulting in the man's arrest following drunk driving allegations.

California murder leads to arrest of victim's son

As many people across the country have experienced, families can often be complicated. But while time spent together can involve turmoil, it rarely results in violence regardless of the conflict that families may experience. Unfortunately, police in California have recently accused a man of murder following the death his mother.

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