When a violent crime happens, police may be in a rush to show that they are making progress toward holding someone accountable. Unfortunately, this could mean that a person who was not involved with the crime faces scrutiny. In fact, a doctor who owns an urgent care in California now faces drug charges after others committed crimes.

Police say that the doctor, a 57-year-old, has been under investigation by the DEA since 2015. Investigators reportedly conducted two undercover operations concerning him over the summer, but the outcome of those investigations are unclear. However, officials say that between 2014 and 2017, the doctor prescribed drugs to people who overdosed.

Additionally, a man accused of striking and killing a bicyclist reportedly told police that he was under the influence of drugs that the doctor prescribed. The doctor also allegedly expressed concern in a text that the shooter at Borderline Bar & Grill, who killed 12 people, may have been in possession of drugs he prescribed. Prosecutors claimed that the doctor prescribed opioids to people he knew were addicts with the knowledge that they might illegally sell them to someone else.

The man was released after posting bail. While he awaits his next court appearance, he is still allowed to practice medicine for now but can no longer prescribe opioids and must refer patients to whom he previously prescribed them to another medical care provider. If convicted of the federal drug charges he faces, he could spend up to 40 years in prison. When the stakes are so high and the allegations so complicated, many people in California feel unprepared to make the decisions facing them by themselves. Fortunately, an attorney with experience with such cases can help guide them throughout the criminal justice system.