As many people across the country have experienced, families can often be complicated. But while time spent together can involve turmoil, it rarely results in violence regardless of the conflict that families may experience. Unfortunately, police in California have recently accused a man of murder following the death his mother.

Police became involved on a day in late October when they were asked to perform a welfare check on a 64-year-old woman. They reportedly discovered the woman in her home, deceased, suffering from multiple stab wounds. In early November, law enforcement officials conducted an interview with the woman’s son, who lives in another state.

Following the interview, they arrested him. A search of his apartment was also conducted. Reports indicate that prosecutors believe that the man flew home to Indiana, where he has an apartment, after killing her. Many details regarding the incident — including what evidence supports the allegations against the victim’s son and a possible motive for the crime — are unclear. He has since agreed to his extradition to California.

Unfortunately, a confrontation with law enforcement officials may be overwhelming for many people. Often, people without legal training are unfamiliar with their rights and may not recognize the potential implications of the information they provide. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on their side from the earliest stages of a criminal investigation can be beneficial. With someone fighting on their behalf, those facing accusations of murder and other crimes in California can ensure that they are fully aware of their rights.