Car accidents can happen on any day at any time. As a result, drivers know that they must be prepared for changing conditions. However, some changes happen so quickly that it is difficult for drivers to properly respond in time to avoid a collision. Despite this, a man in California now faces a vehicular manslaughter charge after his vehicle allegedly collided with another vehicle.

The incident reportedly happened one evening on a day in early December. According to reports, the 25-year-old male now facing criminal charges was headed north on a California highway. Though reports indicate that he noticed slowing traffic, he allegedly claimed that he was unable to stop before striking the vehicle in front of him. That car then struck the rear of a third vehicle.

Unfortunately, the second vehicle is said to have burst into flames. Though witnesses reportedly attempted to break the glass in the car, they claim that the vehicle was fully engulfed in a matter of seconds. That driver died, but no other injuries were reported. Police closed the highway for several hours as they conducted an investigation.

Police claim that drugs were involved in the accident, but it is unclear how that determination is made. In addition to vehicular manslaughter, the man is also charged with driving under the influence, and he was arrested at the scene. Unfortunately, the man has several serious decisions to make as a result of the allegations against him. To ensure that he has the necessary information to make informed decisions, he may want an experienced criminal defense attorney on his side.