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January 2019 Archives

Drunk driving believed to be factor in California crash

Car accidents happen at various times of the day for a variety of different reasons. Regardless of this, it may be easy to make assumptions about the cause of an accident that happens under certain circumstances. Unfortunately, a man in California has recently been accused of drunk driving after he was allegedly involved in a fiery crash.

California man faces drug charges following home raid

When people face accusations of a crime from law enforcement officers, they may be unsure of their options. Often, even when they are advised of their right to remain silent, they may feel as if they should talk with police officers. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney by their side during questioning can give those facing such a situation confidence in the decisions that they make. However, it is unclear if a California man who faces multiple drug charges had professional guidance when police interviewed him.

Police accuse man of drunk driving after California crash

A car accident can happen for a variety of different reasons. Even something as simple as adjusting the volume on the radio can be sufficient to distract a driver long enough to cause a crash. Despite this, police in California believe that drunk driving was a factor in a recent car accident, resulting in the driver's arrest.

Man accused of vehicular manslaughter pleads not guilty

A car accident can happen at any moment for a variety of different of reasons. Often, when an accident has devastating consequences, law enforcement officials may want to make sure that there is someone who can be held responsible, sometimes resulting in suspicions not fully supported by evidence. Unfortunately, a recent crash in California has resulted in the death of two people; a man has since been charged with vehicular manslaughter.

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