When people face accusations of a crime from law enforcement officers, they may be unsure of their options. Often, even when they are advised of their right to remain silent, they may feel as if they should talk with police officers. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney by their side during questioning can give those facing such a situation confidence in the decisions that they make. However, it is unclear if a California man who faces multiple drug charges had professional guidance when police interviewed him.

The man was arrested in Sept. 2018 following a raid of his home, but a recently filed criminal complaint provides additional insight into the man’s arrest. Police claim that during a raid on the 30-year-old man’s house, they discovered him in a bathroom attempting to flush drugs down the toilet. Officers allege that there were substances believed to be drugs next to him.

As part of the raid, police claim that they discovered heroin, meth, marijuana and several thousand dollars in cash. Two people who were also in the home reportedly admitted to purchasing drugs from the man. The man allegedly told police during an interview that someone else had left the drugs at the house and he had been afraid to get rid of them.

Though it is unclear what prompted the raid, the man is now charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. Unfortunately, the drug charges that he is facing are serious. Because the criminal justice system can be overwhelming for those who have little legal training, the California man may feel that is more prepared to make the decisions that will impact the rest of his life with a professional advising him throughout the process.