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February 2019 Archives

Visibility questioned in California vehicular manslaughter case

When a family loses a loved one unexpectedly, their need for answers is understandable. When that loss comes as the result of a traffic accident, the answers may sometimes be surprising. For example, a man in California is now questioning the safety of a crosswalk after his father was killed while crossing it. Despite this, a driver is charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Questions surround California bowling alley murder case

When a crime occurs, especially one that results in multiple deaths, there is an understandable need for answers. The community wants assurances that they are safe, and police want to show that they are doing their jobs. However, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Despite this, there are many questions that still surround a murder case in California.

California woman accused of drunk driving with toddler

People travel California highways at a variety of different times for a variety of different reasons. Despite this, police may be quick to assume that a person who is driving during the early morning hours is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials suspect that a woman was drunk driving with a toddler in her vehicle.

California teenager charged with vehicular manslaughter

The vast majority of drivers in California and across the country go to great lengths to follow all safety measures. However, even the most careful drivers can still become involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials may be quick to assume that a person involved in a crash under certain circumstances was driving under the influence. In fact, a teenager was recently charged with vehicular manslaughter following a fatal crash.

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