All drivers — even ones that are typically relatively safe — have moments of distraction when driving, potentially resulting in an accident. In some cases, a person may face severe scrutiny, and possible criminal charges, from law enforcement officials for what could have been a single moment of distraction. In fact, a man in California now faces allegations of drunk driving after he was allegedly involved in a car accident.

The incident that led to the 65-year-old man’s arrest happened on a day in mid-March. Police reports claim that the man was headed east on a California road around 6:30 p.m. The vehicle allegedly left the road before striking a parked car and a signpost.

The signpost reportedly fell, hitting three pedestrians; details regarding injuries suffered by the pedestrians are unclear. He was released several days after his arrest and how faces charges of driving with having a blood-alcohol level in excess of a .15, and driving under the influence of alcohol and causing injury. The man, a long-time photojournalist, has no criminal record.

Unfortunately, the man now faces multiple decisions related to his arrest following drunk driving accusations. For many, the criminal justice system may seem overwhelming. Those accused of a crime in California may feel unprepared to examine the evidence against them and make informed decisions on how to respond to accusations. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals who can ensure that defendants in a criminal case have the necessary information to make informed decisions, including whether to accept a plea deal — if offered — or fight the charges in court.