Often, people who are in college have big plans for their future. They may even have products they want to develop and sell in the future, for example. Unfortunately, a California college student is facing state and federal drug charges over an app that he allegedly created to sell drugs.

The investigation that led to the teenager’s arrest reportedly began in Nov. 2018. According to reports, a campus police officer noticed fliers around campus advertising an app called the Banana Plug. The school’s mascot is reportedly a banana slug, and “plug” is allegedly a slang word that refers to a drug dealer.

Reports claim that the app was available for free via the Apple store. Campus police reportedly worked with the Department of Homeland Security to set up a sting. As part of the sting, investigators are said to have made four drug purchases. The 18-year-old believed to be behind the app recently pleaded not guilty to federal charges; he previously pleaded not guilty to state charges. A federal prosecutor did not respond to an email asking about the reasoning for the federal charges, even though the teenager already faced state ones.

Unfortunately, the young man faces an uncertain situation as a result of the drug charges. Despite the accusations made by investigators, those suspected of a crime are considered not guilty unless sufficient evidence is provided to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This standard, purposefully set high to avoid wrongful convictions, is often difficult to meet. An attorney with experience with such cases can help those in California as they navigate the criminal justice system.