There are a variety of different ways to legally use California roadways. While some users choose a traditional motor vehicle, others choose to ride a bicycle. Though most are happily willing to share the road regardless of the chosen method of transportation, an accident involving a pickup truck and a bicycle can easily prove fatal because of the size difference and relative lack of protection that a cyclist has. Despite this, a man in California is now charged with a vehicular manslaughter charge after he claims a cyclist veered toward his pickup truck.

Though the accident happened in July 2018, charges were only recently filed against the 87-year-old driver of a pickup truck. Reports indicate that the 75-year-old victim was riding his bicycle on a rural California road when he attempted to maneuver around a crumbled portion of the roadway. Unfortunately, the driver of the pickup truck claims that the cyclist turned into his path as the former attempted to pass from the rear.

The sideview mirror of the pickup truck reportedly struck the cyclist, throwing him from his bicycle. He was transported to the hospital where he died the next day. Through the driver of the pickup truck claims that the cyclist steered into his path, prosecutors say that they have evidence that he did not give the cyclist sufficient room; it is unclear what that evidence is. Law enforcement officials do not believe that alcohol or speed played a role in the crash.

While most drivers in California know that they have a responsibility to help protect others on the roadway, many would be unable to react to any user suddenly changing direction. Unfortunately, this man is now accused of vehicular manslaughter and could see jail time if convicted. To help him respond to the accusations against him, he may want an experienced criminal defense attorney guiding him throughout the process, ensuring that he is prepared to make informed decisions about his case.