For many people in California and across the country, a confrontation with a law enforcement officer is an inherently stressful situation. Despite this, officers may interpret any displays of anxiety, for example, as “abnormal behavior” worthy of additional suspicion. It is this scenario that recently resulted in the arrest of a man on drug charges.

Reports indicate that the incident that led to the man’s arrest happened on a day in late March. The California Highway Patrol claims that an officer initiated a traffic stop because a vehicle reportedly had tinting of the front windows that was illegal. However, the officer claims that the driver was “acting strange,” specifically claiming that he was being evasive.

As a result, the officer brought his K-9 over. The dog reportedly detected drugs in the vehicle, located in three cereal boxes. CHP claims that there was over $100,000 of cocaine hidden in the boxes. The driver was arrested and faces drug transportation charges. He remains in police custody.

Unfortunately, the criminal justice system can seem intimidating, especially for those who have little experience with it. The average person in California may not be able to recognize unlawful treatment and, if they do, properly respond. As such, many people facing drug charges, as well as other criminal accusations, often want an experienced criminal defense attorney on their side as they make the decisions — including whether to accept a plea deal, if offered, or fight the charges in court — that will likely have a significant impact on the rest of their lives.