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Criminal defense: Parents, son charged with murder in California

Television dramas would have viewers believe that there are families that are composed of several criminal masterminds. While these shows can be entertaining, they are not particularly reflective of reality. However, California police believe that a set of parents and their son murdered a family friend. The defendants in the case are now likely left planning their criminal defense.

Criminal defense: California aide accused of embezzlement

Many children are involved with organizations that ultimately have a significant impact on their childhood. As such, they may opt to give back to that organization as an adult, either through donating their money or their time. Unfortunately, a man in California who was working with a Cub Scout group is now likely considering his criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Man charged in California murder case

When a person is murdered, the community in general is often desperate for answers and reassurance that a continuing threat does not exist. In turn, police and other officials are often just as desperate to provide answers, even if it means they must rush to make a judgment. Unfortunately, a young man in California is now left to contemplate his criminal defense after he was charged with murder following the death of a former high school classmate.

Criminal defense: California man charged with murder

Relationships between married people vary from couple to couple. While some couples in California may never fight, others may be more volatile. Despite this volatility, violence is relatively rare. However, a man in California is likely considering his criminal defense after police accused him of murdering his wife.

Criminal defense: Man charged in alleged hit-and-run

Many people in California may not know how to react following an accident. While the obvious choice to many is to contact police, others may react in an unexpected manner due to a sense of panic. Unfortunately, police have accused a young man from another country of fleeing the scene of a car accident involving a pedestrian. He is likely considering his criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Arrest follows alleged California burglary

During a time of a state of emergency in California, there may be situations that arise that are unexpected. For example, a family may ask someone to come check on their house -- someone who may be unknown to neighbors or others connected to the home. Unfortunately, police believe that a woman's presence in a home reportedly impacted by recent wildfires in the state was behaving criminally. She is likely planning her criminal defense following her arrest.

California criminal defense: Dead deer results in criminal charge

Many hunters across the country decide to hunt deer in order to feed their families. Their decision also has the possibility of helping keep the deer population from becoming unmanageable. Unfortunately, a man's alleged decision to shoot a deer in California has likely left the man considering his criminal defense.

Criminal defense: 2 in California suspected of attempted murder

Often, people in California find themselves in predicaments in which they do not know how to respond. For example, when involved in a confrontation with strangers, a person could ultimately begin to fear for his or her safety, prompting the individual to react in a way that would safeguard personal safety. Unfortunately, the events leading up to an alleged stabbing are unclear. Nevertheless, two men are likely considering their criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Stabbing leads to multiple charges

People often act in ways that are mysterious. As part of an investigation involving allegations of criminal behavior, police must work to determine a motivation for alleged acts. This motivation, or lack thereof, could be part of a criminal defense. A young man in California is now likely considering how to respond after several criminal charges were filed against him.

Criminal defense: California officer accused of assault

Police officers have difficult jobs. They are often required to interact with and arrest people who are behaving irrationally and unpredictably due to drugs and alcohol. However, the recent attention on police interactions with people suspected of a crime could potentially mean that authorities are hypersensitive to potential claims of police brutality. For example, a police officer in California is likely considering his criminal defense after he was arrested for assault following the arrest of a man accused of driving under the influence of alcohol.

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