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California woman faces criminal charges after high-speed chase

An encounter with law enforcement officers can be nerve-wracking. In some cases, a person might react in a way that could make him or her look suspicious or is otherwise out-of-character. Unfortunately, a woman in California now faces criminal charges after she allegedly led police on a high-speed chase.

Veteran with PTSD charged with attempted murder in California

Many people from California and other areas of the country are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to protect others, including by joining the military. Unfortunately, many people who are deployed overseas will not return home in the same condition in which they left. While physical injuries are obvious, many members of the military suffer mentally as a result of their experience. Issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder can often have lifelong consequences. In fact, a mother in California speculates that the effects of PTSD are the only thing that could have prompted her son -- who is now charged with multiple counts of attempted murder --  to commit the crimes of which he is accused.

Young California woman charged with shoplifting from Target

For many people in California and across the country, Target is a store that carries almost anything needed. Unfortunately, police believe that a young woman recently attempted to steal from the store. As a result, she was arrested and now faces accusations of shoplifting.

Questions surround California bowling alley murder case

When a crime occurs, especially one that results in multiple deaths, there is an understandable need for answers. The community wants assurances that they are safe, and police want to show that they are doing their jobs. However, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Despite this, there are many questions that still surround a murder case in California.

Man accused of murder in death of California librarian

In order for a person to be convicted of a crime, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Often, this standard is difficult to meet. In fact, even though a man reportedly has a history of problematic behavior regarding libraries and their employees, it is unclear what connects him to the recent murder of a California woman.

California murder leads to arrest of victim's son

As many people across the country have experienced, families can often be complicated. But while time spent together can involve turmoil, it rarely results in violence regardless of the conflict that families may experience. Unfortunately, police in California have recently accused a man of murder following the death his mother.

Criminal defense: California men charged following alleged thefts

In the aftermath of a disaster, there is often a great deal of confusion. In some circumstances, it may be difficult to determine what actions a person has taken and for what reason. Unfortunately, two men are likely considering their criminal defense following their recent arrests related to events that allegedly occurred after the Camp Fire evacuation in California.

California man accused of murder in friend's death

When a life is lost, there are -- understandably -- many questions that must be answered. Unfortunately, the answers to these questions can be complicated and may only come after a lengthy investigation. If police jump to conclusions, it is possible that incorrect assumptions may be made. Unfortunately, a man in California was recently charged with the murder of a woman who was reportedly a friend.

California law changes who can be charged with murder

There are many people in California who would likely admit that they have made mistakes in their lives. Knowing this, they may realize that there are consequences for their actions. While some people may be able to accept this, it could be more difficult to accept a punishment for a crime that they did not commit. However, a recently passed law may prevent some people from facing extreme penalties in certain murder cases.

Criminal defense: 3 face charges in California death

Family dynamics are often complex and can be further complicated by members' significant others. Unfortunately, a recent murder in in California has likely left three people considering their criminal defense. One of the people faces a murder charge as a result of the death of his mother's boyfriend.

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