Providing Comprehensive Criminal Defense

With 25 years of experience in criminal defense, Jeff Kent, of The Kent Law Firm has the background to understand what is at stake for every client. Mr. Kent is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist by The State Bar of California and has been providing insightful criminal law defense over the span of his long career.

Among our criminal defense practice, we handle cases, including:

We Put Our Unique Approach To Work For You

At our firm, we will thoroughly investigate our clients’ cases, examining the facts, unearthing new evidence and developing smart legal strategies that help clients achieve the best possible resolutions to their legal issues.

In our unique approach, we evaluate the client and case as a whole. By taking the time to understand each individual client’s lifestyle, fears and goals for the future, attorney Jeffrey Kent is able to develop comprehensive legal strategies that provide efficient resolution of current charges while helping clients avoid future interaction with the criminal justice system.

We Are Honest With Clients

Jeffrey Kent is honest with his clients about the realities of their current legal circumstances. Once clients fully understand the magnitude of the charges they face, the evidence against them and how the law applies to the facts of their specific case, they are able to participate in the decision-making process in a smart, informed manner.

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