Domestic Violence

Jeff Kent is a domestic violence attorney that helps to protect the rights of clients throughout California. Whether you are located in the Fullerton or the 92835 area, call 714-544-0594 to schedule a consultation. Our law offices are conveniently located, and we can provide legal representation immediately upon your arrest.

If you are arrested and charged with domestic violence, it is important to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of what charges are brought against you, you have the right to your day in court. Hiring an expert domestic violence attorney will ensure that your rights are protected and that the case is made for your innocence. At The Kent Law Firm, we understand that getting arrested can be a frightening experience and leads many people to panic. We recommend that you remain silent and call 714-544-0594 so that we can meet you at the jail and prevent you from being questioned by the police without an attorney present. It is important to remember that anything you say can and will be used against you along with anything that they find during a search. Tell the Fullerton police that you want a lawyer present during your questioning and do not consent to a search without a warrant. This way, we can help to protect your rights and ensure that nothing is obtained while you are in custody that could be used to demonstrate your guilt.

In California, the domestic violence laws can be complicated, making it important to work with a domestic violence attorney. Jeff Kent is an expert that can navigate through the court system and ensure that everything is filed properly so that the court proceedings will go smoothly. This starts with getting you out on bail so that you can await your trial in the comfort of your home instead of in the CA jail.

What constitutes as domestic violence?

What many people are unaware of is that in Fullerton, CA domestic violence charges can be brought against you by people other than your spouse. If it is someone living in your home, they can bring charges. This creates a difficult situation when you may have thought that you were in a conflict with a roommate but then find yourself at the wrong end of a domestic violence conflict. This is more common than you may think. As an experienced domestic violence attorney, Jeff Kent can explain the reality of the law and work on your behalf to get the charges reduced or changed to something more reasonable when there doesn’t appear to be a logical domestic violence situation. For an explanation of the laws in California, call 714-544-0594 to schedule a consultation.

Building a Case

As a citizen of the United States, you are innocent until proven guilty and have the right to your day in court. This means that no matter what charges are brought against you, you cannot be considered guilty of them until a judge or jury convicts you of such. As a domestic violence attorney, Jeff Kent will work to build a case for your innocence and why you should not be convicted. The goal is to create enough reasonable doubt that a jury would have difficulty delivering a conviction.

In order to do this, you must start by scheduling a consultation with The Kent Law Firm and discussing your case in detail. Attorney client privilege means that anything you say to your attorney is confidential and cannot be shared. This means you have the full freedom to explain what happened leading up to and during the incident. We need to know as much information as possible so that we can look for flaws in the prosecutor’s case and determine the best way to move forward. This may involve interviewing witnesses and identifying documents that can be used to back up your version of the story. For example, if they claim that you committed a violent act at 9pm but you were at a movie, a ticket stub or credit card receipt can prove that you were not with the victim when they said you were.

Unfortunately, many people will bring false charges against someone, and domestic violence charges are a seemingly easy way to do so. By building a case for your innocence and backing it up with facts, we can separate truth from fiction in court. Sometimes, it is the simplest and most basic facts that make a difference in a case so make sure not to leave anything out.


Don’t allow yourself to be threatened. Many people will threaten that they will file domestic violence charges if they don’t get their way. As a domestic violence attorney we see this on a frequent basis and people throughout Fullerton, CA are charged with domestic violence unnecessarily. When children are involved, the threats can be worse as one partner threatens to take a child away. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated. Instead, if someone is trying to threaten you call 714-544-0594 to speak with Jeff Kent right away. We may be able to head off the allegations by dealing with the issue head on. This way you can live your life in freedom, without fear hanging over your head. It is far better to resolve a potential issue quickly before ending up in court due to false allegations.

Remember that your ex does not have the right to keep your children from you or to threaten your job. Even if they make a claim of domestic violence against you, the laws of California are in place to protect the victim and the accused. As a 92835 domestic violence attorney, our job is to ensure that your rights are protected and that you continue to be able to work and see your children as you normally would. Even if you have been arrested and charged, we can help you to get back to work quickly by facilitating bail and working with a judge to get temporary orders as needed.

For more information on the process or to speak with a domestic violence attorney, call 714-544-0594 and schedule an appointment with The Kent Law Firm.



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