Drug Crimes

As a Fullerton drug crimes attorney, Jeffrey Kent represents those throughout California that have been accused of a variety of drug crimes including possession, transportation, and drug cultivation. If you live in the 92835 or surrounding area, we invite you to call (714) 544-0594 immediately upon your arrest or if you are concerned that you may be arrested in the future, here is what you must remember –

  • Do not consent to a search. Many drug convictions are possible because a search was allowed and during this search drugs or drug paraphernalia was found. The police are notorious for finding evidence to confirm their suspicions, even if the evidence was entirely harmless and innocent. For example, finding prescription drugs that belong to a family member who accidentally left them in your car. While perfectly innocent, this provides enough evidence for an arrest. As a drug crimes attorney, we encounter this situation on a regular basis and recommend that you, at no time, consent to a search of your person or property.
  • Remain silent. You have the constitutional right to remain silent and at The Kent Law Firm, we recommend that you do so. Do not speak with law enforcement during your arrest, transportation to the jail or booking, other than to say that you choose to remain silent and want to speak with your lawyer. Legally, they are required to allow you to contact an attorney, and once there, we will ensure that they do not ask any inappropriate questions and that you do not accidentally incriminate yourself.
  • Cooperate. While remaining silent and not consenting to a search, continue to be cooperative and be respectful. Situations often escalate when an officer feels threatened so be sure to respond to their commands, and if they take you to jail, we can meet you there quickly in order to ensure that your rights are protected. Cooperation in the meantime may keep you safe.

At The Kent Law Firm, we represent the accused throughout Fullerton, CA and the surrounding area and can meet you at the jail. We will also work to get your bail processed as quickly as possible so that you can remain at home while pending trial, rather than remaining in an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation.

Marijuana Laws

As a drug crimes attorney, we represent many clients that have been accused of marijuana related crimes. This is a perpetual gray area in California since the state and federal laws conflict and even the state laws can be confusing. For example, while it may appear that all citizens of California may legally use marijuana, this is simply not the case. In order to use it legally, you must be seen by a doctor that recommends you use the drug for medical purposes at which point you can grow, transport and use marijuana for your own personal consumption. However, you must have your medical ID card on you at all times, and if you are caught with marijuana without it, you could be arrested or forced to pay a fine. Simultaneously, there are limits to how much marijuana you can possess so even if you are legally allowed to use it, if the police find you with more than 28.5 grams of it, you could be accused of selling drugs and need a drug crimes attorney to represent you in court. This creates a lot of confusion as people with legitimate medical conditions are arrested and even convicted for cultivation due to a lack of understanding. The difference between personal cultivation and a conviction for selling drugs can be up to three years in the county jail, making it incredibly important to understand the law and seek legal help if you have been arrested. If you use marijuana and want to make sure that you are following the letter of the law, call (714) 544-0594 to schedule a consultation.

Drugs and Controlled Substances

As a Fullerton attorney, we represent those that have been accused of other drug-related crimes including cultivation. In fact, many people are unaware that if they are caught with the ingredients necessary for creating meth, they can be charged with cultivation and sent to jail upon a conviction. Since many of these ingredients are found around the house or jobsite, there is a real risk of an innocent person being arrested. It is important to note that just because you were arrested for a drug crime, does not mean that you are guilty of one, making it essential that you have a strong defense. Those that are convicted of drug cultivation can face serious consequences including up to a $50,000 fine and seven years in state prison. A conviction of this magnitude would have life-altering implications including making it difficult to maintain family bonds with children, employment, and to provide for your family. Additionally, it is much harder for those convicted of a felony to obtain gainful employment upon release from prison.

Given the intensity of the war on drugs, we advise all of our clients not to take their freedom for granted but, rather, to work with an attorney from the very beginning to ensure that they remain free. Even if you are indeed guilty, we may be able to work with the prosecutor to have the charges reduced so that your fine and potential jail time are less severe upon a conviction. That possibility is available to use if we become involved in the case immediately and begin negotiating with the prosecutor prior to charges being filed. However, the longer you wait to engage us, the more difficult it becomes to get the charges reduced.

In our Fullerton law office, we can represent you regardless of the type of drug crime you are accused of. Since everyone is innocent until proven guilty, our job is to ensure that you are treated fairly and that your rights are protected. This includes gathering evidence and building a case to demonstrate enough reasonable doubt to, hopefully, prevent a conviction. Therefore, if you or your loved one are in need of a drug crimes attorney, call (714) 544-0594 today.



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