The Serious Consequences Of A Felony DUI

As most of our clients understand, a felony DUI is not on the same level as a normal DUI or even multiple DUIs necessarily. Our felony DUI clients come from all walks of life but the consequences are serious for everyone.

Felony DUIs usually involve hit-and-run cases, DUIs involving death or DUI with injury. The consequences of a felony DUI include a felony record, longer state prison sentence, mandatory jail time, loss of driver’s license, steep fines and potential loss of a professional license.

We Know How To Build A Solid Defense

At The Kent Law Firm, we know DUI cases inside and out. Lawyer Jeffrey Kent is a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law by The California State Bar Association. There are only a small number of specialists in the North Orange County area and only a few hundred in the entire state of California.

Mr. Kent’s DUI defense experience means that he knows how to challenge evidence, attack testimony and weaknesses in the state’s case and give you realistic advice about your chances. It is critical to hire a seasoned attorney in these serious cases to thoroughly evaluate and challenge the evidence against you.

We also frequently represent clients who are facing multiple DUI charges as well. Let us work for you to carefully and comprehensively investigate and evaluate the charges.

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