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California murder leads to arrest of victim's son

As many people across the country have experienced, families can often be complicated. But while time spent together can involve turmoil, it rarely results in violence regardless of the conflict that families may experience. Unfortunately, police in California have recently accused a man of murder following the death his mother.

Criminal defense: California men charged following alleged thefts

In the aftermath of a disaster, there is often a great deal of confusion. In some circumstances, it may be difficult to determine what actions a person has taken and for what reason. Unfortunately, two men are likely considering their criminal defense following their recent arrests related to events that allegedly occurred after the Camp Fire evacuation in California.

California man accused of murder in friend's death

When a life is lost, there are -- understandably -- many questions that must be answered. Unfortunately, the answers to these questions can be complicated and may only come after a lengthy investigation. If police jump to conclusions, it is possible that incorrect assumptions may be made. Unfortunately, a man in California was recently charged with the murder of a woman who was reportedly a friend.

California law changes who can be charged with murder

There are many people in California who would likely admit that they have made mistakes in their lives. Knowing this, they may realize that there are consequences for their actions. While some people may be able to accept this, it could be more difficult to accept a punishment for a crime that they did not commit. However, a recently passed law may prevent some people from facing extreme penalties in certain murder cases.

Criminal defense: 3 face charges in California death

Family dynamics are often complex and can be further complicated by members' significant others. Unfortunately, a recent murder in in California has likely left three people considering their criminal defense. One of the people faces a murder charge as a result of the death of his mother's boyfriend.

Marie Avgeropoulos charged with domestic violence in California

Relationships can often be unpredictable. For certain people, they can also prove to be volatile, though this volatility does not necessarily lead to violence. Unfortunately, many conflicts that occur have no witnesses, potentially making it difficult for law enforcement officials to ascertain what actually happened if accusations of a crime are made. In fact, many details regarding the arrest of Marie Avgeropoulos in California on domestic violence charges are unclear.

Teenager charged with murder in double homicide

The vast majority of teenagers in California spend a great deal of time pondering their future. For most this includes what profession they will pursue after high school and whether and where they will attend college. Unfortunately, the decisions that one teenager faces are much more serious as he was recently arrested and charged with murder.

California man surrenders following double murder

Workplace dynamics are often interesting. While some people have close knit relationships with their co-workers, others may experience strife and conflict. Regardless, dynamics rarely result in violence. Despite this, police believe that a man in California was involved with the murder of two people with whom he reportedly worked.

Arrest made in California murder of three family members

Families can be complicated, especially when one member of the family is disabled, leaving another to serve as caregiver and decision maker. Unfortunately, police say that a mother and stepfather took issue with a woman who was living with their disabled son in California. As a result, police say that the woman killed all three, leaving her facing murder charges.

Criminal defense: Man charged in girlfriend's death

Accusations of domestic violence in California are serious. However, it is often difficult for investigators to determine the truth of a situation when there are no witnesses involved. Unfortunately, a man now finds himself creating a criminal defense after he was charged with the death of his girlfriend.

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